5 Easy Ways To Decorate your Outdoor Area

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Gardens can be wonderful spaces where you can really unleash your creativity and create a stunning outdoor addition to your home. There are many ways that this can be achieved when decorating your garden, whether your design is traditional or contemporary, and one way is through the use of outdoor furniture and accessories.


Planters are a fantastic, manageable way to quickly introduce colour and style into your garden throughout the year. They give you the flexibility to use a multitude of plants to create stunning features, in the colours, textures and sizes that suit your garden best. You can also choose plants that will bloom during different seasons, providing colour and interest throughout the year. For example in winter, using a selection of perennial flowers or winter/autumn foliage in your planters on a patio, deck or balcony provides a striking, vibrant feature, even if the weather turns dreary.

Teak planters are also ideal for gardens, as they are made from a very hardy and durable wood, which can be left outside all year round. The teak will gradually weather from a lovely golden-brown colour, to a handsome silver-grey patina (if left untreated), so you can be sure that your planters will remain a beautiful asset to your garden for many years to come.


Gardens are there to be enjoyed, so comfortable seating should always be taken into account when designing a garden. This seating can serve as both an integral part of your design concept, as well as a pleasant place to sit. Teak benches and chairs are perfect for outdoor seating, due to the wood’s unique natural properties. Rattan can also look great in a contemporary garden, and the synthetic varieties are long lasting and weather resistant.

Garden seats come in a variety of styles, such as traditional, ornate or contemporary, and you can choose from a wide selection of benches, companion seats, armchairs and recliners to suit your design.


Eating outside is often a sociable affair, so an outdoor table is a brilliant addition to both your garden and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a dining table, coffee table, or a more casual tall bar table, there are many teak and rattan options to choose from.

Tables can be permanent structures or for more occasional use, as they can either be fixed, folding or extending, which means you can choose a table to best suit your requirements for its use in the garden.

Soft Furnishings

Cushions and parasols are a simple but effective way to inject colour into the garden. They also give you the option to easily change the colour of their covers with little effort required. Cushions also give additional comfort to your seating and parasols provide welcome shade from the sun. Most soft furnishings should not be left outside in bad weather as they are not normally waterproof, but they are often shower proof.


 The little details can make all the difference in bringing a design together, so ornaments and figurines can often enhance and add character to your outside space. Brass ornaments can depict various animals and humans in artistic and abstract poses, and can even serve as a unique conversation starter if you have guests. You could even create your own statement features by up-cycling unused objects, such as bicycles.

The above 5 points will hopefully give you some ideas to get started on decorating your garden to make it a more delightful place to be.


Author Bio
Steven Watts is a writer for Corido Teak and Rattan Furniture – a renowned brand known for manufacturing and designing a wide range of outdoor furniture items. At Corido, we pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainable Grade-A teak, a prized tropical hardwood known for its elegant appeal, and extreme durability.

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