The Numerous Available Options While Choosing Epoxy Floorings

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Epoxy floor coatings prove to be a durable and attractive option for commercial, industrial and residential floors. The durability of epoxy coatings Melbourne is incomparable. They may have a life of as long as 25 years, based on the installation and coating type. There are numerous benefits associated with epoxy floorings. Few of them include:

  • Being durable, they may be used in industries.
  • Apart from being water proof, they also resist acids and chemicals.
  • Being non porous, these floorings prevent growth of bacteria and moulds.
  • They may be used in a range of applications.
  • Epoxy floorings prove to be extremely economical in the long run.

Applications of epoxy floorings

Epoxy floorings may effectively be used in different areas including:


Many people use epoxy floorings in garages and for carrying out concrete repair Cambellfield. However, most commonly, they are used in garages. In most homes, garages are used not only for parking cars, but for several other purposes. It is hence important to install durable floorings in garages.Epoxy coatings in Melbourne by Betterseal prove to be attractive and are easy to maintain and install. They can also be used to protect concrete floors from chemicals and oil stains. This protection provided can increase the life of the floors to a considerable extent.

Other areas of the house

Epoxy coatings Melbourne may also effectively be used in various other areas of the home including kitchen, basements and laundry rooms. The wide range of patterns, combinations and colours available make epoxy coatings a good choice for carrying out concrete repair Campbellfield Epoxy floors may easily be modified in a variety of styles and designs. Many homeowners install these coatings in areas which are prone to water seepage. Being waterproof, they can effectively protect the floors from damage.

Commercial and industrial uses

Commercial establishments like schools, offices, complexes, kennels, retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, restaurants, malls and hotel kitchens may also benefit by using epoxy coatings Melbourne. The coatings are a preferred choice for slippery areas as they help in adding extra traction. They are most commonly found in walkways, aisles, ramps, loading docks and at several other places.

Epoxy floorings prove to be an excellent choice for both commercial and residential establishments. They offer several benefits and prove to be extremely cost effective. These features have made them a preferred choice over various other available flooring options. Another benefit of these floorings is that they look attractive and can enhance the appeal of any structure where they are installed.

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