Which Country Is The Best In Table Tennis?

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Many countries are good at this or that sport. South Korea is great at archery. The United States has a reputation for swimming while Russia is known for weightlifting prowess. But which country has the greatest sporting supremacy? After extensive research, it’s safe to say that no other country dominates the world of table tennis like China.

The Table Tennis Medals.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, six medals were given out for the singles table tennis and China won all of them. This forced the Olympic committee to limit all countries to sending two male and two female players instead of three. This didn’t stop China’s players taking home four of the medals in the 2012 edition of the Olympics. During the Rio Olympics, both players in men’s and women’s gold medal matches were from China, again.


More Factors.

While the above is impressive, we can try and use a difference method to determine which country is best in table tennis. The Internal Olympic Committee uses a specific formula to assign a dominance score. It works like this: a gold medal is worth three points, a bronze medal two points and a silver medal one point. This method analyses the last few Olympic events to determine the score of each sport. Using this method to calculate a dominance score, China came in the lead in table tennis with 63.9 points.

Since table tennis was introduced in the Olympics in 1988, we can count at least 28 possible gold medals, of those, China has won all but four over the years. This impressive track record supersedes even the country’s reputation of ping pong dominance.

The Table Tennis Conclusion.

While we may have concluded and proven that China dominates the world of table tennis, there are several theories that challenge these conclusions. For instance, there is the issue of grouping sports. Athletics is a good example that combines shot put, marathon and other events. And while each individual event was considered with as much granularity as possible, it’s not certain that China’s dominance score in table tennis isn’t superseded by that of another country.

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that based on history, it’s possible that China would snag all the old medals if allowed to three male and three male players. In addition, team events mean that China can only win one team medal. Despite all these challenges to the dominance score, China holds the highest percentage of gold medals won in Olympics over the years and continues to have a high dominance score. If you are in Victoria and looking to buy a quality table tennis table in Melbourne, we recommend TR Sports Australia.

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